As a furniture drafter, i did some freelance jobs from furniture factories. They gave me orders to finished it at home, presentation by email or phone or meet personally. I can do 2D or 3D furniture drawing like:
1. Full Size Drawing (FSD):
    Price starting from IDR 250.000 / FSD, deppends on the design.
2. Part Route Ticket (PRT):
    Price starting from IDR 8.000 / sheet.
3. Patterns or details as you want me to do.

I can design too, this is an example:

As a live sketcher, i never make money yet from this job before, usually i did it for fun. But if you interested in my sketches, or perhaps interesting to buy my sketches or if you want me to make sketches for you, please let me know by email me to:

Or perhaps you want me to drawing or designing furniture, please let me know. I will be pleasured to serve you.

Thank you.